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Head: Dietrich R. T. Zahn
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Dietrich R. T. Zahn (Head)
Dr.Ovidiu Dorin Gordanovidiu.gordan 'at' physik.tu-chemnitz.de
Dr.Fronk Michaelmichael.fronk 'at' physik.tu-chemnitz.de
apl. Prof. Dr. Georgeta Salvansalvan 'at' physik.tu-chemnitz.de
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.Dietrich R.T. Zahnzahn 'at' physik.tu-chemnitz.de
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Head: doctor student xu yongchi
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Head: dong
CRTSE ( Algiers)
Head: engineer Mahmoudi (E-Mail: mahmoudi_brahim 'at' hotmail.com)
SOITEC ( Bernin)
Head: R&D Scientist Riou (E-Mail: gregory.riou 'at' soitec.fr)
Topics: optical properties
L.O.T.-Oriel GmbH & Co KG (Darmstadt)
Head: Dr. Thomas Wagner (E-Mail: wagner 'at' lot-oriel.de)
Topics: service measurements, sales
Institute of Semiconductor Physics of NASU ( Kiev)
Head: Dr. Eugene Bortchagovsky (E-Mail: bortch 'at' yahoo.com)
Topics: ellipsometry, thin films, surface plasmons, nanoparticles and nanostructures, plasmonics, near-field optics, TERS
HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH (Unterhaching)
Head: Brings
Topics: manufacturer, sales, service, application support
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Brings (Head)
Reiner Bringsreiner.brings(at)horiba.com 'at'
Center for Physical Science and Technology ( VILNIUS)
Head: Zigmas Balevicius (E-Mail: zbalevicius 'at' ar.fi.lt)
Topics: Spectroscopic ellipsometry, total internal reflection ellipsometry, plasmonics, anisotropy, Mueller matrix
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Zigmas Balevicius (Head) zbalevicius 'at' ar.fi.lt
Prof.Jurgis Babonasjgb 'at' pfi.lt
Dr.Zigmas Balevičiuszbalevicius 'at' ar.fi.lt
Dr.Alfonsas Rėzaalfa 'at' pfi.lt
Saulius Tumėnastumenas 'at' pfi.lt
Institute of Electron Technology (Warsaw)
Head: MSc. Eng. Witold Rzodkiewicz (E-Mail: rzodki 'at' ite.waw.pl)
ALD-group of Dr. Matthias Albert (Institute of Semiconductors and Microsystems , Dresden)
Head: Marcel Junige (E-Mail: marcel.junige 'at' mailbox.tu-dresden.de)
Topics: in situ, real-time, spectroscopic ellipsometry, atomic layer deposition
Dept of Chemistry ( Colorado State University, Fort Collins)
Head: Research Scientist Pat McCurdy (E-Mail: patrick.mccurdy 'at' colostate.edu)
Ellipsometry Group at Semilab ( Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co. Ltd., Budapest)
Head: Dr. Peter Basa (E-Mail: peter.basa 'at' semilab.hu)
Topics: measurement services, sales and development of equipments
Ellipsometry Workgroup IPF ( Leibniz – Institut für Polymerforschung e. V., Dresden)
Head: Dr. K. J. Eichhorn (E-Mail: kjeich 'at' ipfdd.de)
Topics: thin polymer layers: coatings, polymer brushes, hydrogels, polyelectrolyte multilayers, protein adsorption, polymer-nanoparticle systems; in situ studies: ph- and temperature dependent switching in aqueous media, glas transition temperatures in thin polymer films; thin organic layers: optical constants, anisotropy
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Dr. K. J. Eichhorn (Head) kjeich 'at' ipfdd.de
Roland Schulzerschulze 'at' ipfdd.de
Ellipsometry Workgroup Leipzig (Uni Leipzig / IOM Leipzig, Leipzig)
Head: Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund (E-Mail: Schmidt-Grund 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de)
Topics: dielectric function, electronic bandstructure, wide gap oxides, microresonators, excitons, exciton-polaritons, magneto-optical coupling, electro-optical coupling, correlated systems, structured surfaces, plasmonic structures, nanostructure arrays, semiconductors, preowskites, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, ZnO, MgZnO, BaTiO3, StTiO3
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Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund (Head) Schmidt-Grund 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Tammo Böntgenboentgen 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Dr.Carsten Bundesmanncarsten.bundesmann 'at' iom-leipzig.de
Dr.Helena Frankehelena.franke 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Lennart Frickeeike_lennart.fricke 'at' studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Christian Heinrichs
Christian Kranertchristian.kranert 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Martin Langemlange 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Tobias Lühmann
Jan Lorbeerjan.lorbeer 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Tom Michalskypge07bjt 'at' studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Prof. Dr. adBernd Rheinländer
Steffen Richterrichter.steffen 'at' gmail.com
Dr.Chris Sturmcsturm 'at' physik.uni-leipzig.de
Martin Thunertmartin.thunert 'at' uni-leipzig.de
Viatly Zviagin
Ellipsometry, Transparent Conductive Oxides (Division of Ion Technology, Institute of Ion-Beam Physics and Materials Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresen)
Head: Dr. Mykola Vinnichenko (E-Mail: m.vinnichenko 'at' hzdr.de 'at' )
Topics: in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry, interfaces between transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and photovoltaic active layers, TCO properties evolution during growth or post-deposition treatment, growth mechanisms of oxide thin films, characterization of high-refractive index materials
IR group ISAS ( Leibniz – Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e.V., Berlin and Dortmund, Berlin)
Head: Dr Tom Oates (E-Mail: tom.oates 'at' isas.de)
Topics: plasmonic nanoparticles, metamaterials, anisotropic nanostructures, effective medium, SEIRA,
IR group ISAS (Leibniz – Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e.V., Berlin and Dortmund)
Head: Dr. Karsten Hinrichs (E-Mail: hinrichs 'at' physik.tu-berlin.de)
Topics: Infrared Ellipsometry, method developement for in-situ vibrational spectroscopy, synchrotron ellipsometry, solid-liquid interfaces, functional polymer films, organic films for solar cells and biosensors, metamaterials, self-assembling monolayers, porphyrins
Laboratory of Multifunctional Materials and Structures ( National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele)
Head: dr. Aurelian-Catalin Galca (E-Mail: ac_galca 'at' infim.ro)
Topics: spectroscopic ellipsometry; xrd; luminescence spectroscopy; transparent conductive and flexible thin films; transparent conductive oxides, semiconducting chalcogenides; ferrofluids; solar cells, thin films, nanowires, quantum dots, semiconductor devices, chalcogenides, light emitting diodes, mocvd
LaNN - Laboratory for Nanofabrication of Nanodevices (VenetoNanotech, Padova)
Head: Ph.D. Gianluca Ruffato (E-Mail: gianluca.ruffato 'at' venetonanotech.it)
Topics: plasmonics, metallic gratings, metamaterials, nanoporous gold
LPMD ( University Paul Verlaine-Metz, Metz)
Head: Dr En Naciri (E-Mail: ennacir 'at' univ-metz.fr)
Topics: ellipsometry ; Nanocrystals ; Dielectric function ; Anisotropy
nanotech ( MERC, Tehran)
Head: student Aidin (E-Mail: aidin.hadifakoor 'at' gmail.com)
Topics: WO3
optic ( merc, Tehran)
Head: student idin (E-Mail: aidin.hadifakoor 'at' gmail.com)
Polarimetry Instrumentation and Raman Spectroscopy Group (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Head: PhD Enric Garcia-Caurel (E-Mail: enric.garcia-caurel 'at' polytechnique.edu)
Topics: ultraviolet, visible, infrared, ellipsometry, polarimetry, Mueller, thin-film, plasmons, semiconductor, solar
Prof. Dressel ( 1.Physikalisches Institut, Uni-Stuttgart, Stuttgart)
Head: Dr. Bruno Gompf (E-Mail: gompf 'at' pi1.physik.uni-stuttgart.de)
Topics: Ultrathin metal films, metamaterials, organic semiconductors, correlated electron systems
Title Name E-Mail

Dr. Bruno Gompf (Head) gompf 'at' pi1.physik.uni-stuttgart.de
Dipl.-Chem.Julia Braunbraun 'at' pi1.physik.uni-stuttgart.de
Solar Thermal Materials ( Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin GmbH, Hamelin, Germany)
Head: Dr. Reineke-Koch (E-Mail: r.reineke-koch 'at' isfh.de)
Topics: solar thermal collectors, selective absorber layers, low-e coating, transparent conductive oxides, accelerated ageing tests, thin film photovoltaics
Title Name E-Mail

Dr. Reineke-Koch (Head) r.reineke-koch 'at' isfh.de
Alexandra Pazidisa.pazidis 'at' isfh.de
Dr.Rolf Reineke-Kochr.reineke-koch 'at' isfh.de