Ellipsometry and Polariton Physics Group


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Current Members

@ University of Leipzig     |     @ IOM Leipzig     |     @ TU Illmenau
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  University of Leipzig

  Dept. of Semiconductor Physics (head: Prof. Dr. M. Grundmann),
  Faculty of Physics and Earth Science,

Head: Dr. Chris Sturm Mail
Felix Delatowski
M.Sc. Oliver Herrfurth
B. Sc. Sebastian Henn Mail
Jan Kremkow
B.Sc. Evgeni Krüger
B.Sc. Andreas Müller Mail
Prof. Dr. Bernd Rheinländer Mail        emeritus, honory senior member, initiator of the "Ellipsometry Group"
M.Sc. Lukas Trefflich
M.Sc. Vitaly Zviagin Mail
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Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification e.V. (IOM)

Dr. Carsten Bundesmann Mail
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TU Illmenau

Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund Mail
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Prof. Dr. M. Schubert CMO Group Lincoln, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA
Dr. Daniel Fritsch University of Bristol, UK
Dr. Frank Frost Leibniz Institute for Surface Modification e.V. (IOM), Leipzig
Prof. Dr. Bernd Rosenow Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Leipzig
Dipl.-Phys. Alexander Janot Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Leipzig
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